Octane Q35e Elliptical

Octane Q35e Elliptical MachineThe Octane Q35e, manufactured by Octane Fitness, is an in-home, motorized elliptical machine. It is available both online and at many home fitness equipment retail stores and sells for around $1,600 as of October 2013. At this price, the Octane Q35e offers concrete specifications and many features including low step height, fixed stride length and numerous built-in programming options. The Octane Q35eincludes a wide array of features that will assist you to remain inspired and achieve your fitness objectives.

Elliptical Features

The Octane Q35e elliptical is 67 inches long by 30 inches wide and weighs 255 pounds. The machine comes with 20 levels of magnetic pedal resistance presenting you with numerous options to amplify your workout intensity. With a 300-pound user weight capacity, this elliptical is safe and quiet, with stationary handlebars, exercise arm levers and transport wheels.

Pedal Design

The over-sized pedals offer a 4-inch low step height and 1.8 inch pedal spacing which is closer than industry standard for home elliptical machines. This creates a more ergonomically correct and relaxed workout for users. The stride length is fixed at industry standard of 20.5 inches for a smooth, natural elliptical motion. The Octane Q35e elliptical has two rails per pedal in the four-bar linkage front drive system that facilitates a smooth yet stable feel.

Console Features

The Q35e has a LED readout displays on the console. These displays shows time elapsed, distance, speed, calories, time-in-zone, heart rate, heart rate %, target heart rate, calories / hour and resistance level. A water bottle holder, remote holder and reading rack are positioned around the console for your convenience. The Q35e offers two My QuickStart programs, auto QuickStart, Now-Zone, GluteKicker and X-mode. In addition, pause/clear, cool down, program, age, time, resistance level and weight selector buttons are available at your fingertips.

Main Programs

The Octane Q35e has enhanced electronics, DedicatedLogic programming and on-the-go programming to make each workout unique and fun. The main programs that are included are manual, random, hill, run-slim and interval. In addition, the Q35e contains HeartRate Logic Intelligence interactive heart rate programs. These programs utilize a wireless chest strap to obtain heart rate information to be used with HeartRate Logic programs such as cardio, fat burn, heart rate hill, heart rate interval and heart rate speed interval.

X-Mode Cross Training Program

The Q35e also includes a workout enhancer program known as the X-mode. The X-Mode feature is a cross-training feature that allows the user to take their workout to the next level. To enhance a workout, the user presses the “X-mode” button within any program. The elliptical will then select one of four body activities that the user performs for one minute, and then returns back to the original program for recovery for two minutes. Following the two-minute recovery period, the user will begin to target a different body activity. These random intervals continue for the duration of the workout. The four X-mode options are push/arms, pull/arms, squat and reverse.


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