10 Tips on Achieving Higher Ranking in Search Engines

10 Tips on Achieving Higher Ranking in Search Engines

As with any marketing endeavor, the first step in any promotion is the establishment of objectives and strategies. When using your website to attract new customers and sales, search engines are a huge advantage to helping those customers find your company or business. The higher up on the search engine results page your listing is, the more visibility it will get from searchers. The subsequent tips will assist you to achieve higher and more sustained search engine rankings.

  1. Create your web pages principally for your customers, not for search engines. Do not mislead your visitors or represent dissimilar content to search engines than you present to your visitors. This deception is referred to as cloaking.
  2. Create a practical, information-dense website, and create pages that obviously and truthfully portray your web content. Ensure that your TITLE tags and ALT attributes are explanatory and precise.
  3. Produce a website with text links and an obvious hierarchy. Each page should be accessible from no less than one static text link.
  4. Ensure your web content is not hidden within rich media such as Adobe Flash Player or JavaScript. Confirm that your rich media does not conceal links and keywords from web crawlers.
  5. Produce keyword-rich web content, derived from keyword research, to complement what internet users are searching for. Generate new web content on a regular basis.
  6. Refrain from placing text that you want indexed inside images. For instance, do not place your company name or address to be indexed, inside your company logo only. You want to ensure that any text to be indexed is also presented on your website as static text.
  7. Utilize keywords to generate expressive, user friendly URLs. Present one adaptation of a URL to arrive at a document, using 301 redirects to manage any duplicate content.
  8. Ensure you have a fresh, keyword rich URL formation prepared. According to MOZ, search engines show URLs on the search engine results page and can influence visibility and click-through.
  9. Social media outlets are an immeasurable marketing tool that can increase your web traffic and online visibility. By including social media sharing on your website, you allow your visitors the opportunity to share your content with their social media networks. In addition, utilization of social media outlets can enhance your online presence to new markets. When it comes to page ranking, Google has begun to analyze the social activity of web pages.
  10. Build a network of links. Search engines are now placing a larger importance on the quality and quantity of links a website contains. Link building the method of acquiring pertinent, inbound links to your website which facilitates your website in attaining elevated search ranking by search engines and steers traffic to your website. For a successful link building campaign, build internal and external links.

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