Month: September 2014

Generosity: Empowering Compassion

Generosity Compassion

Generosity is an inspired influence emerging from the most sincere component of ourselves, empowering us to become more in touch with life. This revolutionary power requires only the minor indications to convey itself–a smile for a stranger, shoulder for one to cry on, a helping hand to someone who is struggling, a donation to an important cause.

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Improving Balance and Decreasing Fall Risk Through Vibration Therapy

Improve Balance and Decreasing Fall Risk with Vibration Therapy Seniors

Regular exercise and physical activity are significant components of a healthy lifestyle and can be incorporated into your life regardless of your age, says the National Institute on Aging.

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5 Tips for Working Together with Your Senior Loved One’s Care Team

Tips for Working Together with Your Senior Loved One's Healthcare Team

At some point in her life, your senior loved one may require skilled nursing services.

Skilled nursing facilities offer a high level of care outside the hospital setting for older individuals with health conditions that require constant monitoring, such as illness, post-surgical rehabilitation, or deconditioning. Continue Reading>>

The Importance of Senior Medical Alarm Monitoring

The Importance of Senior Medical Alarm Monitoring

Though anyone can seriously injure themselves, falls can become increasingly more dangerous as you age. Even falls that don’t cause direct injury can be harmful to your physical or emotional health. According to the National Institutes of Health, over one-third of seniors over the age of 65 have suffered at least one fall per year. Continue Reading >>