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10 Steps to Avoiding Trips Around the Home

10 Steps Seniors to Avoiding Trips Around the Home

There are numerous risk factors present within your home that can make you more prone to tripping, and falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults. Continue Reading→


Avoiding Slips in the Home

Seniors slips falls at home

Many slips occur when you’re standing or walking on irregular or slippery surfaces or in obstructed areas of the home. Avoiding slips is a very real concern for seniors who continue to live independently at home. While all age groups are susceptible to slips, older adults are most at risk. Continue Reading→


Making an Assisted Living Facility Feel Like Home

Moving into an assisted living facility can be emotionally challenging for many seniors.  While living adjustments are already difficult, change often gets harder as we age.

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Eight Steps to Improving Sit-to-Stand Transfers

transfer training for seniors

Functional mobility is essential to daily life and is vital to the safety, health and independence of elderly adults. Reduced mobility is related to a range of unfavorable health results, including the decline in the ability to perform sit-to-stand transfers. Continue Reading>>

Geriatric Pulley Exercises

Shoulder Pulley Exercises for Seniors

It has been said that the elderly exercise less than other age groups for many reasons, including diseases and disabilities, which reduces their overall physical function. According To the National Institute on Aging, exercise can help to reduce the occurrence of disability and improve diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis.