Occupational Therapy

The Best Cross Trainer Machines for Seniors

The best eliptical machines for Seniors

Exercise is important to seniors as you age to help you maintain your independence, mobility, wellness and quality of life . Regular exercise can help to prevent and improve many diseases and conditions according to the National Institute on Aging. (more…)


Exercises & Geriatric Rehabilitation

Exercises and  Rehab for Seniors

The natural progression of aging reduces strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. In fact, one in three adults aged 65 and older will endure a fall each year due to the decline in physical strength, mobility and balance.  Continue Reading>>

How Often Can You Do Isometric Exercise?

How Often Can You Perform Isometric Exercise

If you want to build muscle without lifting a finger, isometric exercises are for you. Isometric exercises strengthen muscles without movement of the joints or lengthening of the muscles.  Continue Reading>>