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Top 10 Lower Body Exercises for Women to Do at the Gym

Top 10 Lower Body Gym Exercises for Women

Most women, at some point in their life, have endeavored for a strong and sexy lower body. A comprehensive strength training program is fundamental to achieving this and getting firm legs, thighs and buttocks. Continue Reading>>


4 Weeks to Fit & Fabulous

lose weight and inches is 4 weeks

You really can get fit and fabulous in just four weeks, but get ready to work. Each week will include three sessions of strength training every muscle group… Continue Reading>>

What Is a Tabata CrossFit?

Tabata Crossfit

There are many workout programs available today to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Two of the most popular new exercise programs to hit the fitness scene are Tabata training and CrossFit. Continue Reading>>

Fitness and Diet for Pregnant Mama’s – My Personal Account

Pregnancy fitness and diet

When I found out I was pregnant again, I decided that since I had not lost all the baby weight from the previous pregnancy, I wanted to gain little to no weight. Illness and extreme fatigue blew that idea out of the water. Continue Reading→

Over the Door Shoulder Exercise Pulley System for Upper Body Strengthening

 Over the Door Shoulder Exercise Pulley System for Upper Body Strengthening

Occasionally, the upper body muscles can become weak from overuse and injury. You can strengthen these muscles in the comfort of your home using an over-the-door pulley system.  Continue Reading>>