Preventing a Fall During Pregnancy: Strength and Balance Exercises

Fall Pregnancy strength and Balance ExercisesPregnancy is a time of remarkable physical and emotional changes, from your growing belly and glowing skin to that all-too-common moodiness and forgetfulness. You may have even noticed significant changes in your sense of balance, causing you to trip and stumble more than before.

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Exercises Without Equipment That Really Work Fast

Exercises Without Equipment Fast Results

Working out with equipment is not always practical in this fast-paced world. An effective method to get fit fast without equipment on the road — or at home — is with body-weight exercises. Body-weight exercises use the weight of your body instead of weights or machines to provide resistance to build muscles fast. Talk with your doctor before you begin a new exercise regimen. Continue reading →

Swimming for Youth


kids swimming benefitsSwimming is fun and lifesaving sport and an excellent form of exercise. As a form of exercise, swimming has many advantages. According to the CDC, swimming works the lungs, heart, joints and the muscles of the whole body. It is fun fitness activity that is primarily a summer sport but can be extended to year-round, providing an indoor pool is accessible. Continue Reading→

List of Strength Exercises for Kids

weightlifting for childrenStrength exercises can help kids build healthy muscles. With an appropriately organized program, kids can advance their strength, endurance and performance. Usually, if the kid is ready to play organized sports, beginning strength exercises is safe.

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Exercises & Geriatric Rehabilitation

Exercises and  Rehab for Seniors

The natural progression of aging reduces strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. In fact, one in three adults aged 65 and older will endure a fall each year due to the decline in physical strength, mobility and balance.  Continue Reading>>

Top 10 Lower Body Exercises for Women to Do at the Gym

Top 10 Lower Body Gym Exercises for Women

Most women, at some point in their life, have endeavored for a strong and sexy lower body. A comprehensive strength training program is fundamental to achieving this and getting firm legs, thighs and buttocks. Continue Reading>>

Example of Anaerobic Exercise

Examples of Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise is a form of high-intensity exercise that increases a substantial oxygen deficit. When performing at elevated intensity levels, your cardiovascular system has a challenging time delivering the oxygen requirement needed to your muscles fast enough.  Continue Reading>>

Octane Q35e Elliptical

Octane Q35e Elliptical MachineThe Octane Q35e, manufactured by Octane Fitness, is an in-home, motorized elliptical machine. It is available both online and at many home fitness equipment retail stores and sells for around $1,600 as of October 2013. At this price, the Octane Q35e offers concrete specifications and many features including low step height, fixed stride length and numerous built-in programming options. The Octane Q35eincludes a wide array of features that will assist you to remain inspired and achieve your fitness objectives.


Toning and Losing Inches While Pregnant

Staying fit while pregnant

Pregnancy creates considerable stress on a woman’s body. Scientific studies show, however, that for healthy pregnancies, exercise offers remarkable advantages. Continue Reading>>

5 Tips for Staying Fit at Your Desk Job

Staying fit at work when you sit all day

It is no doubt that long commutes and even longer work days create an environment of inactivity. Sedentary lifestyles, such as a desk jobs, increase the risk of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, lower back pain, and cancer. It is imperative for the modern worker to maintain a healthy weight and get adequate exercise. Below are ways to maintain health and fitness at the comfort of your desk.