Mammograms: Top 10 reasons you might be avoiding them

MammogramsSince its introduction on a national scale in the late 1980s, modern mammography has reduced the death rate from breast cancer by 30 percent, according to an article published in Health Physics. And thanks to advances in imaging technology, this lifesaving process has become increasingly accurate. (more…)


How to Keep the Legs Slim After a Long Layoff From Running

Keeping the Legs Slim After a Long Break From Running

Occasionally, seasoned and beginning runners are required to take a hiatus from running due to pain, injuries or deconditioning. Runners often have to stop running due to issues with their hips, thighs, ankles, feet and shins. Continue Reading>>

Is There a Normal Body Weight for Teen Girls?

Normal Body Weight for Teen Girls

Over the past 30 years, obesity in children and teens has increased rapidly. Currently more than 1 in 3 children and teenagers are either classified as overweight or obese, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Continue reading→

The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

The arches of the feet are formed by bones, ligaments and tendons. Arch height establishes foot type and pronation, or the inward rolling of the foot while walking.

Continue Reading>>

The Best Walking Shoes, Cross-Trainers and Running Shoes

athletic shoes for females

If you’re a woman in the market for a good pair of athletic shoes, finding the proper shoe is essential to your comfort and ergonomics. Many lower-extremity injuries from physical activity are caused by inappropriate shoes.  Continue Reading>>

Does Your Metabolism Speed Up During Pregnancy?

Metabolism pregnancySignificant changes occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Adjustment to the physiological changes involves significant transformations in maternal metabolism to supply for the rising obligation of the fetus. Continue Reading>>